2017; a journey through my head

2017; a journey through my head



Hi all, welcome to my new(ish) blog. It’s not 100% new, so that’s a lie. I guess you could say I resurrected my old blog and made severe changes to it. I stopped blogging for about two years, because I just felt like the world’s most boring person, and I had no motivation to write. … Continue reading Resurrection

2014: All the little things

Oh hey! Don’t worry, this is not a ‘New Year, New Me’ blog post. Yes, we’re reaching the end of another year and yet again, my Facebook news feed is full of reflective photos, quotes and status updates about how people want to change next year. Whether it’s bad habits, escaping negativity, considering a healthier … Continue reading 2014: All the little things

Head vs Heart: Battle Royale

Head Follow me and you'll be grateful in the future. It may seem shit at first, but it's the only logical decision. I promise you'll look back on this when you're happy, and you'll be glad you chose my path. How many times have you followed your heart and been let down? It's unreliable. I'm … Continue reading Head vs Heart: Battle Royale

Friendship for Dummies

Over the past few years, I've seen the quality of friendships seem to decrease as age increases. Now this may not be the case with everyone, but I've personally experienced changes in attitudes, expectations and behaviour from certain individuals that used to be my friends. Yes, I said 'used to'. As harsh as this may … Continue reading Friendship for Dummies

Single and Unavailable?

"Sorry, I just don't have the time." - That old chestnut. We've all heard it, and we've all said it. Yet why is this excuse used in the day and age where social media records our every move? With dating apps and social networking sites taking the world by storm, connecting with people has become … Continue reading Single and Unavailable?

Nice to tweet you… Or is it?

Ahh, the wonderful world of Twitter. "I'm never joining that crap. I have nothing to tweet about anyway," I assertively declared around three years ago. Over 32K tweets later, I stand corrected. Tweeting has become part of my everyday life, over the past three years. Now I realise, I have a lot to say and I … Continue reading Nice to tweet you… Or is it?