A Date With Myself

March marked a year since I moved to London, and it also raised a lot of questions in my head. Can I afford to continue living here? What if I can’t find another job? (It’s no secret that I detest my management!) Am I getting bored?

I don’t know when/how I’ll be able to answer these questions, but what I do know is that London amazes me everyday. There is always something that evokes some sort of emotion in me – whether that’s anger, happiness, confusion or inspiration.

I’ve also opened my eyes to the fact that I don’t actually have many friends here. Now, I’m quite comfortable with this as I like doing my own thing, but I just don’t do it very often! I’ve decided that this will change. If I have a free day and the weather is nice, I am going to explore my local area.

I moved to North London last August, and it never fails to surprise me. Whoever said London doesn’t have many green spots hasn’t been to North London. I literally just have to walk up my road to find an abundance of parks, nature reserves, gardens, lakes and hills.

On the hottest day of the year so far (yesterday), I decided to take a stroll around Golders Hill Park, on my lonesome, and had the most amazing day in the sun! I took my camera with me to capture the beauty of my surroundings. I must admit, it was therapeutic to walk around at my own pace, without feeling the need to talk to anyone! I promised myself I will do it more often, and I recommend that you do too.

There is nothing quite like making friends with yourself and seeing things in a completely different way.




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