Burger, she wrote.

During a spontaneous walk through Exmouth Market, I stumbled upon a tiny, blink-and-you-miss-it restaurant named DirtyBurger. I say restaurant, but it looks a bit like a shed – a hipster shed.

Now everyone who follows me on Twitter knows that there is currently one mighty burger that reigns supreme in my heart, and that is the Goat’s Cheese Burger in Haché *wipes dribble.* Anyway, I had been craving a burger for like, forever, so I went in. I was surprised that it was bigger than it looked from outside, There was also a bar downstairs, but I didn’t venture down there as I just wanted to stuff my face, quick-time.

There were two veggie options at DirtyBurger, from what I saw. The Dirty Cop-Out and something else with beets in it. It’s a bit annoying, as the menu doesn’t say exactly what’s in the burgers, but I opted for the Dirty Cop-Out with crinkle cut fries. (I’m not gonna lie, I was very excited for these as I hadn’t had crinkle cut fries since I was a kid). Whilst I waited, the kind waiters asked if I wanted some of their special hot sauce to go with my fries, and I decided to give it a go.

So the burger arrived in a paper wrapper – like how they used to be at school. It smelt amazing. The Dirty Cop-Out consisted of a gigantic juicy mushroom, tarragon mayo, pickles, cheese and rocket in the softest bun ever. I literally inhaled the whole thing. It smelt too good and the juicy mushroom was at risk of staining my clothes if I deliberated. The fries were cooked to perfection and the hot sauce was one of the best things about the meal. To top off this amazing party in my mouth, the music in the restaurant was brilliant, as well as the service. I won’t lie, I was dancing in my chair with every bite (even though I finished it in like two massive bites, but you know what I mean). I washed it all down with a can of Cawston Press apple, cos it’s my fave. The whole meal cost just over £10, which I think is pretty reasonable for the experience. Great service, amazing food, happy music. Overall – I loved it all.

Reeling from this positive experience, I recently went to the Kentish Town branch to get my fix again. Now this looked more like a shack than a hipster shed, and was tucked away behind Pizza East. I ordered the same again, but there was a bit of a faff as they overcharged me, and I then had to wait for a manager to come and sort my refund out, They didn’t apologise as they were a bit too busy shouting at customers who had left the door open (it was freezing, TBH). But I let this slide.

Anyway, my food arrived and I asked for the special hot sauce that I had at the Exmouth Market branch. They didn’t have a clue what I was on about, so I made do with ketchup. My burger was stupidly greasy this time, and difficult to eat without making a complete mess – maybe that’s why DirtyBurger is so-called, but I wasn’t getting the same ‘party in mouth’ feeling as I did the first time. I still finished it all though, as it wasn’t horrible – just not the same.

Overall, I would rate the Dirty Cop-Out a 7.5/10. (That’s for the Exmouth Market branch) I wouldn’t go to Kentish Town again as the vibes were a bit different and service wasn’t as friendly. However, I do recommend that you try the veggie option when you are in dire need of a quick and tasty feed.

I’ll be going back to Exmouth Market at some point, to try the beets burger, crinkle-cut fries and the amazing hot sauce. However, the goat’s cheese burger at Haché still remains firmly on the veggie burger throne.


Dirty Cop-Out burger


Crinkle-cut fries


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