Well worth a Bob or two!

Film review: A Street Cat Named Bob

Now everyone knows I am a total crazy cat lady, which is why you won’t be surprised to know that I was eagerly anticipating the release of this film, and went to see it on the day of release.

I hadn’t read the book beforehand – mainly because I haven’t had time to breathe lately, let alone read – but after watching the trailer, I thought I had an idea of what the film would be like. I imagined it to be quite a cute family film, with a mix of humour and cuteness to lighten up the gloomier elements in the storyline. I was incorrect.

I don’t want to post any spoilers but I was surprised at how dark it actually was. The film is 12 rated, so some people had brought their younger kids along. However, with plenty of scenes highlighting drug abuse, withdrawal and violence, I was quite surprised the film wasn’t rated 15.

The plot of the story is based on James Bowen (played by Luke Treadaway), a homeless busker with a drug addiction. After an overdose gave him the wake up call he needed, James made the decision to try and improve his life. The story follows James’ struggle with getting clean, making ends meet and reconciling with his family – all with the help of an unlikely friend who snuck into his flat, a street cat named Bob.

The film is actually based on a true story, which is one of the reasons why I found it really moving. Bob is played by no other than the real Bob, and I admire the work that must have gone into training him to act at such a professional level, whilst stealing the hearts of everyone who watched the film!

Aside from the controversial scenes, this is a heartwarming tale about an unconventional friendship, unconditional love, determination and loyalty (whoever said cats aren’t loyal needs to watch this film!) Although there were a few predictable storylines thrown in for humour (e.g. the cat and mouse chase), the film is poignant and will tug at the heartstrings, whether you’re a cat lover or not.

I personally love seeing London on the big screen, so it was a bonus seeing Covent Garden, Camden and Angel had been used as filming spots. I particularly enjoyed the soundtrack for the film, written by Charlie Fink (Noah and the Whale) and performed by Luke Treadaway himself. I imagine the CD will be filling many a Christmas stocking this year!

Overall, I give A Street Cat Named Bob a rating of 7.5 / 10. An inspiring story that will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, (and also wishing you had a furry feline friend on your shoulder).


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