Hi all, welcome to my new(ish) blog. It’s not 100% new, so that’s a lie. I guess you could say I resurrected my old blog and made severe changes to it.

I stopped blogging for about two years, because I just felt like the world’s most boring person, and I had no motivation to write. Now I’m still the world’s most boring person, but I thought I should push myself to write again – for me. I love writing. I’m not great at it, but I find it really rewarding.

Many of you have followed me on Twitter for several years, so you will know there has been some change in my life recently. I have gone from being a Brummie to a London kitty over the past seven months, and I will be blogging about adapting to London life, food, entertainment and random thoughts (these usually occur during my commute when I hate everyone in sight).

After much thought, I haven’t deleted any of my old blogs, just because I couldn’t bring myself to. Some of them make me cringe a bit, but I guess they define how I was feeling at the time.

I guess this is more for me to discipline myself to write, especially as I have more free time now.

Anyway, I wont ramble on. Do feel free to check out the whole blog and have a read of posts, old and new.

Oh, and I hope you like the logo – I designed it myself!


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