Head vs Heart: Battle Royale


Follow me and you’ll be grateful in the future. It may seem shit at first, but it’s the only logical decision.

I promise you’ll look back on this when you’re happy, and you’ll be glad you chose my path. How many times have you followed your heart and been let down? It’s unreliable. I’m offering you safety. Yes, it may be painful now, but that will ease in time.

You’ll realise that my solution prevented your time from being wasted, your heart from being broken and your pride from being dented.

Remember the times when you made the stupid decision to follow your heart, and it backfired? You fucked me up too. I broke and numbed every emotion in your body. I left you in a state of mind, not much different to hell. That was your punishment.

But I guess it’s your decision…


Follow me for the journey of your life. I don’t promise to lead you to the pot of gold, but I’ll ensure the ride of your life along the way.

Yes, it will be the biggest risk of your life. Yes, it will be dangerous, but you’ll enjoy every moment. The conclusion may be that your heart is shattered into smithereens, or it could also be that you’re the happiest you’ve ever been. How will you know if you don’t take a gamble on me?

Your head may be banging on about being logical and safe, but you need to live a little. I’ve been broken before, we both know it. I’ve led you down the wrong path, but hasn’t this changed you as a person? You wouldn’t be you if you didn’t break me.

You wouldn’t be strong enough to break through the hellish state of mind and numb emotions that you received from your bastard head, as punishment.

But I guess it’s your decision…


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