Unspoken Words


Those feelings you hide, deep within your heart,
Could be the catalyst of a brand new start.

Does she know that when you see her smile,
It gives you butterflies, or are you in denial?

Have you told her that you’re in love with her eyes,
And there are no imperfections she needs to disguise?

Is she aware that you get lost in her words,
And her voice is sweeter than the song of the birds?

Do you tell her when she’s been on your mind,
And you want to keep her to yourself like a cherished find?

While you’re keeping your thoughts buried in your head,
Her mind is in overdrive as she’s lying in bed.

A compliment, a gesture is all that she craves,
As her heart lies in doubt, and tears crash like waves.

Wondering what lies beneath your pokerface,
Are you just enjoying the thrill of the chase?

She allowed you inside the walls she had built,
Why not just tell her you won’t let this wilt?

Is it your ego, your confidence or your pride,
What’s causing you to keep your emotions inside?

She’ll give you her world, with her heart on her sleeve,
But only if she knows you’ll give back what you receive.

Before you know it, you’ve chased her away,
To the arms of another, due to the games you play.

It’s too late to tell her that she was your world,
In silence she left, no hurtful words were hurled.

Make sure your feelings are never left unheard,
As such is the power of the unspoken word.


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