Roma: Through the Eyes of a Roamer

I’m sure most of you have that one place that you’ve always dreamt about visiting. You’ve read so much about the sights, culture, food, people and glamour, that you’re certain you will love every second once you’re there. Well, Italy has always been that place for me and I was confident that it would instantly capture my heart. Last month, I spent six days in Rome, and I’d like to share my journey with you. However, I honestly feel that the true beauty of the city cannot be described with just words. I hope my photographs can illustrate my adventures, and give you an insight into what Rome has to offer.

DAY 1 – Piazza Navona

After catching up on a few hours of kip, we set off for an evening in Piazza Navona – around a 40 minute walk away from our cosy hotel. The vast array of restaurants and cafes left us spoilt for choice, but we found a little pizzeria just off Piazza Navona and I had my first taste of authentic Italian pizza. Yum!


DAY 2 – Pantheon, Piazza di Sant’Eustachio, Trevi Fountain

Truly dumbstruck when I was stood in front of the Pantheon. It took me back to primary school, when I used to draw Roman buildings identical to it. One memory I will cherish from this day is sitting at the nicest café in Piazza di Sant’Eustachio and realising that the cobbled streets, romantic restaurants and balconied buildings depicted Italy exactly like I had imagined. I also made a secret wish as I threw a coin in the beautiful Trevi fountain. Gotta be done!

DAY 3 – Colosseum, Arch of Constantine, cocktails and buffet,  hotel restaurant

Those scandalous Romans had a pretty twisted idea of fun! The Colosseum was HUGE and extended deep into the ground. We walked so much this day that my legs ached for the following two days. Also sampled the most perfect bruschetta, ever – all in the restaurant of our hotel!

DAY 4 – Vatican City, lots of spaghetti, wine tasting

The say ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day,’ and those words couldn’t be truer. The Vatican took 120 years to complete, and oh my, I’ve never explored such a breathtaking place. We arrived back to the hotel just in time for their weekly wine tasting event. I may have gotten a teeny weeny bit tipsy after sampling a lot of white wine, and subsequently purchased a bottle of the good stuff!

Day 5 –Piazza Del Poppolo, Spanish steps, Charity bar

After a huge buffet lunch at a vegetarian restaurant, we brushed shoulders with the glamorous Italians in Piazza Del Poppolo, and walked up what seemed like a million steps. That night, we decided to go to a locally renowned bar. We met an American lady, who had danced with The Beatles in her heyday. She was so much fun – a bit like an older version of me. The live band and cocktails were the perfect end to the day.

Day 6 – Trastevere

We ventured into the old district of Rome and found ourselves lost amongst the quirkiest shops and rustic restaurants. Although I wasn’t feeling too good, I didn’t say no to a chocolate shot. This was a chocolate shot glass, filled with alcohol and topped with cream. Ugh, I can still taste it now! A stroll by the River Tiber topped off our last evening in the beautiful city, though I remember feeling absolutely distraught as I walked through the city for the last time. 😦

Personally, I feel this holiday invigorated me. It came just at the right time and exceeded all of my expectations. Even now, I realise that I have left a little piece of my heart in Rome, and I will go back one day to claim it! Rome has so much to offer and the Italians are possibly the most welcoming and helpful people I have met. I think I went at just the right time. I know I wouldn’t have appreciated it as much in my younger days, and it’s definitely not the kind of place to take young kids.

If like me, you enjoy eating a lot, being immersed in culture, have a penchant for history and prefer a relaxed atmosphere, Rome is the city for you.


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